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How Journaling Can Help You Be a Better Leader

In this interview you will discover:

  • How journaling can unleash key leadership attributes
  • How to make important adjustments as a leader through self-reflective learning
  • Ways you can invite other leaders, mentees, and employees to journal for growth and
  • The head, heart, hand – 30-day challenge journaling challenge (you will want to try this!)
  • The secret to being a great leader – do you HAVE it?
  • A personal story of how journaling helped Bob get through his cancer treatment
Bob Cancalosi Go To The Page Speaker Series

ABOUT Bob Cancalosi:

Bob joined GE in 1985 and has served in multiple leadership and general
management roles in GE Silicones, GE Plastics, GE Healthcare & GE Corporate. He has experience in leading companywide initiatives in cultural, coaching &
leadership transformations including 8 years as the Chief Learning Officer for GE
Healthcare. Bob was a member of the GE Crotonville staff and was a steward of
GE’s annual $1B investment in the leadership development of 330,000 global
employees across 8 businesses in 180 countries. He was promoted to the Director of Global Customer Education for GE Crotonville in 2011 and led a global organization of Regional Directors who provided GE’s Leadership knowledge & expertise to GE’s most strategic customers. Bob holds a BBA & MBA from St. Bonaventure University and conducts leadership sessions at Harvard and Kellogg along with leadership keynotes throughout the world. He has been married to Barbara for 35 years and has 3 adult children.